Court Timetable
The table below shows when the courts are in use, outside of these times the courts are available for use by club members.
Saturday   Juniors (Coaching)   Senior Club Day                      
Sunday     Presidents Interclub Senior Club Day                      
Monday                                         Adult Coaching            
Tuesday   Midweek Ladies   Midweek Group Tennis     Junior Interclub Coaching            
Wednesday     Midweek Ladies' Interclub                   Juniors' Club Night        
Thursday   Midweek Ladies   Midweek Group Tennis             Senior & Senior Juniors Club Night        
Public Holidays                     Senior Club Day                      
The coloured sessions are reserved court times, though the length of time and use of all courts may vary. If in doubt, ask the players if you wish to use a spare court at these times.
Outside of these reserved times, priority will be given to club coaches for arranged coaching sessions.